AutoCount POS 3.0

Product Specification
AutoCount POS 3.0 


Basic + Account
Standard + Account
Feature Group
Cashier Operation Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Management & Analysis Available Available Available Available Available
Basic Maintenance Available Available Available Available
Accounting Available Available
Purchase & Stock Available Available
Database & Synchronize
Possess Local Database Available Available Available Available Available Available
Sync Master Available Available Available Available
Sync Client Available Available
Optional Modules
Sales Order Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Serial No. Add-on Add-on
Batch No. Add-on Add-on

Notes :
Sync Master means the database is the master of the synchronization. Master Data such as Item, Terminal, and etc are modified in Sync Master and subsequently synchronized to Sync Client. Sync Master initiates the synchronization process.

Sync Client means the database is the client of the synchronization. Sync Client only can accept synchronization from Sync Master; they cannot initiate the synchronization process to sync their data to other Sync Client or Sync Master.


Cashier Operation
Cash Operation feature group comprises a set of functions / reports in POS Front End which should be more than enough to allow cashier to complete his / her daily operation.
Functions / Features  Reports
- Cash Sale - Bonus Point - Simplified Tax Invoice - Full Tax Invoice
- LCD Customer Display - Promotion - Cash Receipt Report - Cash Recording Report
- Refund - Trade-In - Credit Card Report - Debit Card Report
- Item Package - GST - Cheque Report - Voucher Report
- UDF - Scripting - Close Counter Report - POS Sales Report
- Hold Bill & Recall Bill - Row or Total Discount - Daily Sales Report - Promoter Sales Analysis
- Open Item - Barcode Scanning - Outstanding Sales Order Report - POS Listing by Tax Code Report
- Special Barcode Syntax to change quantity/unit price/ discount/ Total/ Subtotal - Payment by Cash, Credit Card, Voucher, Cheque and Bonus Point - Bonus Point Transaction Listing Report - Top Bottom POS Sales Ranking Report
- Fast  Item Menu - Cash In / Cash Out - Trade-in & Refund Report - Voucher Transaction Report
- Check Stock Level - Weighing Scale - Open Item Listing Report - Staff Attendance Report
- Dine in / Take away - Service Charge - Debtor Listing Report - Member Listing Report
- Customize Shortcut Buttons - Touch Screen Input
- Open Counter - Cash Out Notification
- Character-based printing - Windows Printer Driver Printing
- Staff Attendance - Direct link to MyKad Reader
- User Screen Lock - Close Counter by Cashier
- POS Audit Trail - POS Transaction Viewer


Management Analysis
Management & Analysis feature group further controls a set of functions / reports in POS front End
Functions / Features  Reports
  - Multi-Dimensional POS Analysis - Payment Analysis
  - Time Analysis - Promotion Commission Analysis
  - POS Profit Margin Report - Branch Stock Balance Report


Basic Maintenance
Basic Maintenance comprises a set of functions / reports in POS Back End mainly for master data maintenance.
Functions / Features  Reports
Back-end Back-end
- Item Maintenance - Item Group Maintenance - Item Inquiry
- Item Type Maintenance - Location Maintenance
- Project Maintenance - Item Package Maintenance
- Tax Code Maintenance - Member Maintenance
- Currency Maintenance  
- POS User Maintenance  - POS User Group Maintenance
- Terminal Maintenance - Credit Card Maintenance
- Debit Card Maintenance - Promotion Maintenance
- Voucher Maintenance - Price Plan Maintenance
- Auto Prompt Maintenance - Item Selection Menu Maintenance


Accounting feature group comprises a set of functions / reports in POS Back End mainly for G/L, A/R and A/P.
Functions / Features  Reports
- Account Maintenance - Opening Balance Maintenance - Charts of Accounts Report - Balance B/F Report
- Stock Value Maintenance - Cash Book Entry - Ledger Report - Journal of Transaction Report
- Journal Entry - Bank Reconciliation  - Trial Balance Report - Profit and Loss Report
- Balance Sheet Report - Accounts Details Report
- View Transaction Report - Account Inquiry
- Debtor Maintenance - A/R Invoice - Debtor Statement Report - Debtor Aging Report
- A/R Payment  - A/R Credit Note - Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report - Outstanding A/R Invoice Listing Report
- A/R Debit Note - A/R Refund - Debtor Collection Report  
- A/R and A/P Contra  
- Creditor Maintenance - A/P Invoice - Creditor Statement Report - Creditor Aging Report
- A/P Payment - A/P Credit Note - Monthly Purchase and Payment Analysis Report - Outstanding A/P Invoice Listing Report
- A/P Debit Note - A/P Refund
- GST Processor - A/R and A/P Bad Debt Relief - GST-03 Report 


Purchase & Stock
Purchase & Stock feature group comprises a set of functions / reports in POS Back End mainly for Purchase and Stock functionality
Functions / Features  Reports
- Creditor Maintenance - Purchase Order - Stock Card Report - Stock Balance Report
- Goods Received Note - Cash Purchase - Stock Balance by Location Report - Stock Movement Report
- Purchase Invoice - Purchase Return - Item Profit Margin Report - Monthly Purchase Analysis
- Support Full Document Transfer only  
- Stock Adjustment - Stock Transfer • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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