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From 1 January 2019, ABSS will no longer be providing technical support for certain earlier versions of ABSS product, and will instead be focusing on providing support resources for customers who are either:

  • Subscribed to a Support Cover; or
  • Registered users of the latest-version ABSS product; or
  • Registered users of up to two versions before the latest-version ABSS product. 

The change in policy effective 1 January 2019 will ‘roll’ with new versions of ABSS product. In other words, as a new version is introduced, customers who are using a version of ABSS product that is four versions back will no longer be able to access support from ABSS.


If you are running your business on three versions and below of an ABSS product, ABSS is no longer providing phone-based technical support, and will NOT be able to assist you with the following procedures:

  • Repairs or recover your corrupted business datafile
  • Increase the number of user licenses or number of data files
  • Retrieve or reset the master administrator password when you have forgotten, misplaced or changing of PIC
  • Generate site key for RetailManager